About our 6th Form

The Sixth Form at Brentwood Ursuline Convent High School is a step towards independent adult life. The exam grades that you achieve, the opportunities you take to develop as a person and the friendships that you make in Years 12 and 13 will set you on your way to the future. Our Sixth Form can help you achieve the highest grades, but we also give you the chance to develop your other talents. Whether you are a musician, actor, sportsperson, dancer or simply someone with a wide range of interests, we will encourage and support you to be your best.

Our aim is to live by our Mission Statement and ensure that it permeates all aspects of school life. As a Catholic school, founded by Sisters of the Ursuline Order over 100 years ago, we have a rich heritage on which to draw. The most important emphasis is on developing the school as a community based on Gospel values and the person of Jesus Christ. All of our students are introduced to the life and work of St Angela Merici, the founder of the Ursuline Order, and they study the values and spirituality that provide our essentially Ursuline ethos.

Every day begins with prayer, either at a Year assembly, a House assembly or the student's form group. The chapel, built by the sisters when they lived in the school, remains at the heart of the school and is in daily use for prayer, Masses, assemblies and other liturgical celebrations.

Students are given opportunities to explore their faith more deeply in informal settings. There is a retreat programme which runs across the whole school. Year 12/13 students are trained to lead the retreat days for the younger students as they have an innate understanding of what it is like to be young people in the 21st century and can therefore help guide and focus the direction of the retreats. We have an active liturgical culture in which all students are invited to participate.


Our Sixth Form are fortunate to have the opportunity to explore a number of future pathways and we provide CIAG (Careers Information and Guidance) regardless of which pathway they take:

UCAS  → University

Open  →  Apprenticeship + University

Professional  → Apprenticeship

In order to prepare for any of these future pathways we offer a full range of traditional A-level subjects as well as BTEC courses in Business, Sport and Performing Arts.

Responsibility and Opportunity
The Sixth Form provides many opportunities for development beyond the academic curriculum. Many students enjoy the responsibilities of organising and motivating others through leadership roles such as Head Student or House Captain. Positions such as Sports or Music Prefect require commitment and enthusiasm and there are many other ways in which Sixth Formers can support the school and benefit themselves, ranging from fundraising to mentoring younger students. Sixth Formers regularly organise events for younger pupils and our student ambassadors are often asked to assist with school tours and to offer a valuable insight to newcomers.

Ursuline Links
Ursuline Links UK is a joint volunteering project between the Ursuline Schools. The idea is to create links between Ursuline communities both Nationally and Internationally, offering students in the UK the opportunity to live out St Angela's message of service to others. Since 2011 a significant number of our students have taken part in service projects around the world, from national summer camps in Manchester and Wales, to international camps in San Francisco and Idaho, from rebuilding homes in New Orleans, to helping in food banks and homeless shelters in London. The service projects are a wonderful opportunity to strengthen faith, helping others learn new skills and make new friends.


Across the two years of sixth form, students will take part in a range of events designed to help with future decisions or provide PHSE awareness.

These include:

- UCAS Exhibition in London's ExCel Centre

- Apprenticeship Team Visit

- Guidance and Support for Oxbridge Entries

- Post 18 Choices Events

- Visits from Alumni 

- Sports Day 

- Roadster and Driving Support

- Speakers from a range of professions and universities

- Visits and Outdoor Activities

The Facilities
Sixth Form life and study is supported by a wealth of specialist facilities:

  • A well-stocked library with a gallery set aside for the use of Sixth Formers
  • Three quiet study areas and ICT facilities
  • Extensive Student Wi-Fi.
  • The Basement Café

Students are expected to make the best possible use of their opportunities by organising their work efficiently and fully utilising the facilities offered by the school. The Café is an important place for the more informal side of Sixth Form life, where students can meet and relax together over coffee at break and lunchtime. Sixth Formers here are fortunate in also having a silent study room especially set aside for their own use.

The ICT facilities are constantly developing throughout the school. Departments have facilities in addition to the main computer rooms in the school. Sixth Form students can use computers in different parts of the school. Sixth Form lessons take place in computer-based rooms for a variety of subject areas and students are encouraged to use a wide range of software packages on the network.

The Library is well equipped with computers and these are linked to the curriculum network. The Music department also has a dedicated room with computers and subject specific software.

Facilities are available to Sixth Form students from 8 o'clock in the morning, during the lunch hour and after school. All students need to be aware that there is software on the network to monitor its use, language used and Internet sites visited. When students log on, they agree to abide by the rules of the school.

Sixth Form Bursary
Details of BUCHS Sixth Form Bursary Procedure can be found under School Life / School Policies / Accessibility or click here for further details: