Key Stage 3

Our two year programme of study ensures that students can learn and develop the key skills required for success at KS4. We ensure an emphasis on scientific terminology and working scientifically is integrated throughout the course allowing students to explore new ideas or concepts in a creative and engaging manner as well as develop their knowledge.

Over the two years, the students will study the following:

  • Cells – The building blocks of life
  • Eating, drinking and breathing
  • Getting the energy your body need
  • Looking at plants and ecosystems
  • Variation for survival
  • Our health and the effects of drugs
  • Human Impact on the planet and the ways in which we can reduce out impact and improve sustainability

Students will develop the following skills:

  • Planning, carrying out and evaluating investigations.
  • The use of scientific terminology.
  • How to present observations and data using appropriate tables and graphs.
  • Apply scientific knowledge to a range of everyday situations.
  • Explain how scientific ideas affect society by considering the social, ethical, moral and personal impact.


Students will be assessed in a range of skills during regular cumulative assessments. This will include assessment of their scientific knowledge as well as the meta-skills. Progress will be reported on the student 'Assessment Tracker' attached to their exercise book.

Key Stage 4



Exam Board and syllabus

AQA GCSE Biology 8461

Programme of Study

GCSE Biology gives students the chance to gain a good understanding of human biology, organisms, evolution and the environment.

The specification integrates the principles of 'How Science Works' throughout the units. The course helps put Biology in the context of students' everyday lives with topics ranging from 'Keeping healthy' to 'Humans and their environment'.

Learning/Teaching Approach

The specification is based on a series of topics related to the living world and relevant to students. It is designed to help them understand how Science can be used to explain the world in which they live and the impact humans have. Students will understand how Biology is used to solve problems ranging from infectious diseases to creating biofuels.


Assessment will compose of 2 final exams in Year 11, both 1hour 45 minutes and worth 50% each. The exams will contain multiple choice, structured, closed short answer and open response questions. There is no coursework or controlled assessment component.

What it leads to

It is suitable for students of all abilities, whether they intend further study in Science or not. It can open doors to future careers in Medicine and the Life Sciences.

Biology forms part of the school's suite of GCSE Science exams which offer students a variety of possibilities and combinations to help them achieve to the best of their abilities.



All pupils will take separate Biology, Chemistry and Physics in Year 9 from September 2015.

Tier of Entry

Foundation/Higher Tier.