Hello, my name is Sally Townsend. I have been the Catering Manager at the Brentwood Ursuline for the past 19 1/2 years. I have a team of eleven staff in the school kitchen, all very dedicated to serving your child with freshly cooked nutritious food which is prepared daily on site.

We have been an 'in house' operation for the past 17 years and during this time have gone from strength to strength. We are a Healthy Eating School supported by 'LBA Safety'. We also hold a 5 for our food hygiene rating, which is very good.

In 2007 I became part of the Essex Networking Team, a group of Catering Managers from secondary schools across the area. We meet termly to discuss ideas and incentives to benefit our kitchens. We have in school a Healthy Eating Group, part of the School Council, who meet 1/2 termly to discuss any food related issues and put forward new ideas.

We have taken on fully the Government food and nutruent based standards for school meals. New standards came in January 2015. We use local bread, fruit, vegetables and meat which are delivered by our suppliers.

We sell sandwiches, baguettes, salads etc. We also have a 'Pasta King' and jacket potato bar at lunchtimes.

We have a separate 6th Form Kitchen and Dining Area which opened four years ago.

In July 2009 we took the decision to make the Catering Department cashless catering. This avoids the need for pupils to carry cash. Payment can be made via Parentpay for your child's account to be credited. This account can be viewed online.

If your child has any special dietary requirements, I would be happy to discuss this with you. Finally, we hope that your child enjoys our food and mealtimes with us. All we ask is that at the end of their meal they clear their table, stack their dirty plates and put any rubbish in the bins provided.

Breakfast menu
Breakfast cereal with milk   £0.85
Toasted sandwiches   £1.40/£1.80
Toasted muffin   £0.50
Toasted bagel   £0.60
Toasted teacake   £0.65
Croissant   £0.70
Bacon or Egg roll   £1.00
Bacon or Egg muffin   £1.10
Bacon or Egg bagel   £1.20
Bacon puff   £0.90
Slice bacon / Scrambled egg   £0.60
Slice toast   £0.25
Plain roll   £0.45
Butter/Jam/Sauce   £0.10 each
Tea/Coffee/Hot chocolate from £0.65
Cartons of juice from £0.60
Bottled water from £0.50
Pure fruit juice bottle   £1.00
Full menu
Soup of the Day & Bread                                       £1.10                   
Curry & Rice        £2.20 
Chinese Dishes & Noodles   £2.20      
Meat Dishes with Rice   £2.20
Roast Dinner   £2.30
Toad in the Hole   £1.75
Homemade Meat Pie   £1.80
Casserole & Dumpling   £1.80
Spaghetti Bolognaise   £2.00
Meat Balls & Spaghetti   £2.00
Lasagne   £1.80
Shepherds Pie/Cottage Pie   £1.80
Homemade Quiche   £1.30
Pizza Slice   £1.35
Vegetable Dishes with Rice   £2.20
Cauliflower/Broccoli Mornay   £1.20
Meat Pasta   £2.10
Vegetarian Pasta   £2.10 
Baked Fish (small)   £0.90
Fish (large) from £1.50
Chicken Wrap (hot)   £2.00
Homemade Burger   £1.85
Chicken Burger   £1.85
Small Panini   £1.10
Large Panini   £2.10
Bacon Roll   £1.00
Bacon Baguette   £2.00
Chicken & Chips (box)   £2.20
Spring Roll   £0.60
Cheese Garlic Bread   £0.75
Naan Bread   £0.70
Samosa   £0.60
Potatoes   £0.80
Jacket Potato   £0.80
Chipped Potatoes   £1.30
Filled Jacket Potato from £1.40
Vegetables from £0.50
Rice/Noodles   £0.60
Baked Beans/Spaghetti   £0.60
Portion of Cheese   £0.65
Salad Bar   £1.60
Side Salad   £0.50
Pasta Pot from £1.60
Fresh Fruit Salad   £1.30
Melon & Grape Pot   £1.10
Filled Rolls from £1.20
Sandwiches from  £1.60
Baguettes from £2.10
Wraps from £2.10
Roll & Butter   £0.55
Cakes   £0.80
Yoghurts from £0.55
Hot Puddings from £0.80
Hot Pudding & Custard   £0.95
Custard   £0.30
Fresh Fruit from £0.55
Cereal Bar   £0.70