School Houses


Our Angelas House is named after Angela Merici (21st March 1474- 27th January 1540) she was an Italian religious leader and Saint. She is very important and founded the Order of Ursulines in 1535 in Brescia. Angelas house colour is Blue. Blue is important colour for our school as it signifies intelligence and keenness of intellect. But more importantly, it stands for truth. As a house we look to inspire all student's to be the very best they can be, and to share their keenness and intellect with all of our school community through their studies and our exciting projects.


Brescia House is the newest in school only formed in 2003 when the school expanded to take six forms in each year group.  It is named after Brescia the town in Lombardy northern Italy where St Angela Merici was born.  She founded the Ursuline Order in 1535. Brescia House colour is purple which is associated with royalty and nobility because this colour of clothing was very expensive many years ago. Brescia House week is in mid-November and we celebrate with a week of fundraising activities which include lunchtime cake stalls, lunchtime discos and films.  The house will do anything to raise money and we have a reputation for raising the most money for charity.  The culmination of House week is Brescia House Mass where everyone in Brescia celebrates mass together in the school chapel while the rest of school continues with lessons.  This is a very special event put together by the house leadership team with the help of the school Chaplin. Brescia House is known for its friendliness and supportiveness.  We are great participants in all school events and activities and we have great fun trying even if we don't win.


Although Clare's is not one of the original four Houses (Angela's, Ursula's, John's and Trinity) and has only been a House since 1996; we feel that Clare's is the most important and special House because it is named after Mother Clare, the founder of our school. Our House is celebrated during Clare's week and within that week is Foundation Day when everyone in the school has to wear a white carnation in remembrance of Mother Clare.  Clare's House colour is also white.  Foundation Day is celebrated further with a piece of cake being given to all pupils to commemorate Mother Clare and all she achieved for our school. Clare's House has a high standard of accomplishing and winning the most throughout the year, for many years. It has a high reputation of winning events such as cheerleading, sports day and Christmas market, all of which add to the increasing memories and achievements of the House. Clare's have a reputation of winning Cheerleading. Cheerleading is the only whole House event on the school calendar. It requires leadership skills, persistence and most importantly, teamwork. The last factor in particular is what Clare's clearly represents; all years 7-13 work together as one and this alone sets Clare's apart from other Houses. It is not just a House or a team; but a family.


John’s House is named after the disciple and friend of Jesus. John was a leader who was courageous, resilient and loyal.  Courageous as Jesus nicknamed John and James as ‘Boanerges’, which means ‘sons of thunder’. John was resilient because he was the last apostle to die, and the only apostle to die of natural causes.  John was loyal as he remained at the foot of the cross and took Mary into his care as a last legacy to Jesus, and a leader, because John along with Peter took a prominent part in the founding and guidance of the Church. Members of John’s House display the same characteristics, as John, they are leaders who are courageous, resilient and loyal.


The word "Trinity" means "three are one". The Trinity expresses the belief that God is one Being made up of three distinct persons: the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. This symbolises the House's unique and talented members, and also their ability to work together to achieve success. Each individual makes up our team. Red is a strong colour that denotes warmth, love, joy and above all, passion. It is the colour of happiness. Being Trinity's house colour, we like to reflect these attributes. Our school spirit is unquestionable. Over the years we have taken part and enjoyed many successes in a variety of inter-house activities, all of which add to the increasing memories and achievements of the House. Within the next year, as Trinity's House Team, we hope to secure progress for the future, inspiring and motivating every single person to use their individual strengths and morals to unify the House as one. The nice thing about teamwork is that you always have others on your side. This year will be about coming together, keeping together and working together. We have faith that this will be an incredible year for Trinity and as a House we will grow and maintain excellence all round.


Our House is named after St Ursula who was martyred after she refused to marry a Hun leader because she wanted to devote her life to God. She was an inspiration to St Angela who founded the Order of the Ursuline Sisters who in turn founded our school. Our house colour is green, which is a colour of peace and tranquillity which sums up the very nature of Ursula's house, we are very relaxed, and easy going. It can also be a colour of growth and rebirth making us strong especially now as we are climbing up the league tables in inter-house activities. Green is also the colour of hope giving us a sense of optimism in tough times.