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The Brentwood Ursuline Alumnae Society (BUAS) is an organisation which provides all past pupils and staff of BUCHS with an opportunity to get together and remember, fondly, their days at the school.  They say that your school days are “the best days of your life,” don't they?  Well, our members certainly relish the chance to revisit old friendships and haunts of those days in their past.  

All our members hold the school very dear in their hearts and appreciate the chance to maintain a contact with a place that has had such a significant and formative influence in their lives.  So many value and appreciate the education they received at the ‘UHS’ as some of us called it.  It is an unchanging point of contact and shared memory in our busy, every day, modern lives.  Our members include all ages - from those who were at the school in the 1940s, during the Second World War - up to those who have left quite recently.

Over time, the Society has undergone several incarnations.  For many years it was known as the 'Old Girls' Association,' then 'The Fairview Society' and now, recently, the name has changed to the present one.  With the increasing use of mobile technology, we want to reflect that we are moving with the times and are embracing the easy methods of communication provided by the Internet and Facebook!

BUAS holds an annual reunion at the school every May, when past pupils can meet up with old school friends and wander, once again, around the familiar classrooms and corridors – noticing with interest how things have changed (or not!) since they were last there.  The reunion begins with a general meeting in the main hall, often followed by a speaker, and concludes with the School Song.  We then move to the Dining Hall for a delicious afternoon tea and a chance to catch up with friends.

We publish an annual newsletter, 'The Fairview Chronicle,' which includes items of interest by past students of the school, as well as news of the Community and of the school itself, and how it is progressing.  Members can also receive the regular school newsletters by email, which give us an insight into the current life of the school, with all its news, developments and achievements.

Marian Mann (née Butler, 1970-77)

Chairperson, BUAS