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Sixth Form General RE

The Sixth Form General RE course is a non-assessed, two-year programme designed for all Ursuline students to participate in, and is inclusive of personal religious beliefs, backgrounds and values. Central to the programme are broad areas of study, including Christian theology, morality and ethics, and all students are invited to engage with prayer, meditation and reconciliation sessions throughout the year, in addition to listening to the experiences of visiting speakers who support the programme. In Year 13, students further explore these issues through the study of other world religions and worldviews, including non-religious viewpoints such as humanism and veganism. Students may notice connections between General RE and their chosen areas of study, with natural links to Religious Studies, Business, Politics, Literature and History. The course is designed to challenge and stimulate students and to help them reflect on their own beliefs, as well as the beliefs of others. The course roots itself firmly in the school’s Ursuline ethos and invites all students to participate in the spirit of ‘Insieme.’