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Curriculum Statement

Our curriculum is ambitious, broad and well balanced. We plan the curriculum well to ensure that knowledge and skills are built upon, through a coherent learning sequence in each programme of study.  Our distinctive curriculum layering approach throughout Key Stage 4 ensures progressive and enriched development of knowledge and skills. We celebrate intellectual curiosity and we take a ‘teach to the top’ approach, to provide students with a strong academic foundation.

We foster rigorous academic habits and develop students’ skills, including meta-skills, to promote a commitment to learning that will last a lifetime. We have high standards of excellence for all learners and ensure the needs of individual students are met in both the formal and informal curriculum.

Students and staff alike value learning for its own sake, because all human knowledge is a revelation of God’s love. We enable students to question with interest and confidence, to form their own opinions, while respecting those of others, to accept responsibility and to learn to play their part in a free society.

We prepare students for the next steps in their education and future careers. We give students access to the knowledge and cultural capital they need to flourish and lead happy, successful and enriched adult lives.


You will find a full summary of each subject taught in the 'Curriculum Subjects' section of this page. For any further curriculum specific queries, please email