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Brescia House is the newest of the six Houses having only been formed in 2003 when the school expanded to take six forms in each year group.  It is named after Brescia; the town in Lombardy, northern Italy where St Angela Merici was born.  She founded the Ursuline Order in 1535. The Brescia House colour is purple which is associated with royalty and nobility.  Brescia House week is in mid-November and we celebrate with a week of fundraising which include activities such as lunchtime cake stalls, lunchtime discos and films.  The culmination of House week is Brescia House Mass, where we come together to celebrate in the school chapel. This is a very special event put together by the house leadership team with the help of our School Chaplain. Brescia House is known for its friendliness and supportiveness.  We are great participants in all school events and activities and we have great fun trying, even if we don't win!