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Psychology (Sixth Form only)

We help students to explore the wonders of the human mind and to reflect on Psalm 139:14: I am fearfully and wonderfully made — Thy infinite wisdom and power, manifested in the singular and curious structure of man’s body, fill me with wonder and astonishment.

Students are encouraged to recognise the value of psychological knowledge for supporting and improving the lives of others and upholding the school motto of 'duty.'

The Psychology curriculum provides students with the opportunity to develop confidence in using psychological terminology and themes in order to critically analyse and compare theoretical perspectives of human behaviour. It builds a secure knowledge and understanding of research methods and mathematical skills used by psychologists to gather and analyse data concerning human behaviour.

Every student is supported to reach their full potential in Psychology through regular reflection of individual strengths and development needs and the setting of personalised goals. Students and teachers work together to establish an inclusive and respectful learning environment and to personify the words of St Angela’s prayer ‘let us be bound to one another, by the bond of love, respecting each other, caring for each other and bearing with each other in Jesus Christ’.

Curriculum Summary

Qualification: A Level

Awarding Body and Paper: Edexcel 9PS0

At BUCHS, we follow the Edexcel specification for A’ Level Psychology. This involves learning about psychological research, theories and approaches in Year 1, and applying this knowledge to the specific areas of clinical and criminal behaviour in Year 2. During the two-year course, you will also study the methods that psychologists use to conduct research and the issues and debates existing within the academic field of psychology.  

There is no coursework within the Edexcel A’ Level Psychology course. However, you are required to conduct your own psychological research (this is usually conducted in groups) and to analyse the results of your investigation using statistical tests.